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Marina Feasibility & Design

There are two fundamental questions that we ask at the start of any new yacht and superyacht marina project: Is this marina viable? And if it is viable, what should it look like?

The marina design development follows a well established process which involves a series of feedback and review loops. As facts are found, we question our assumptions, revise our marina designs and re-run financial models. And we repeat this process until robust conclusions can be drawn.

case study

Case Study – St Katharine Docks

Flexible berth layout provides a maritime centre for international events based in London

case study

Case Study – Cesme Marina

Winner of 2014 PIANC Marina Excellence Design Jack Nichol Award

case study

Case Study – Port Louis Marina

Transformed a wreck-strewn lagoon into the south Caribbean’s finest marina

case study

Case Study – Limassol Marina

Integrated a 520 berth marina with a shoreside commercial zone that redefined the city waterfront

case study

Case Study – Grand Harbour Marina

A complete renewal of a derelict waterfront in a historical setting

case study

Case Study – Dubai Harbour

Largest maritime and leisure hub in the Middle East designed by Camper & Nicholsons Marinas

case study

Case Study – Sanya Marina

Increased revenue from an improved berth mix

case study

Case Study – Yas Marina

We grew annual occupancy from 13% to 87% in under 3 years and hosted five F1 Grand Prix events

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